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Limited Arizona National Scenic Trail original landscape paintings, never to be reproduced.

Saguaro Cactus

You’ve seen prickley pear, barrel, and cholla cactus, and you wonder to yourself, when do the saguaros begin? Right around Collosal Cave State Park you turn a corner, and there you are. In the land of the saguaro. The desert monolith. Tall and beautiful they are scattered lightly around the trail. Nothing to me says southwest like these do.

Unfortunately during the Arizona Trail, around the Four Peaks, I broke my camera. A fancy new lens I bought for the sole purpose of documenting this hike, fell victim of this hike. Filming these trips, and sharing it with you is something I enjoy a lot so money aside I was really bummed. What I make from these paintings will go back into funding a new camera lens, and improving the videos I make.

6″ x 9″ highly detailed watercolor and ink on 140lb coldpress watercolor paper

All pieces come signed and dated

Arizona Trail

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