Mt Shasta Evenings
Mt Shasta Evenings

Mt Shasta Evenings

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Mt Shasta Evenings

Landscape paintings inspired by my 2022 thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail

In 2017 a friend and I spent time around Mount Shasta, hiking in the Siskiyou Mountains, and making some great memories. I fell in love with the area, and look back very fondly on this mountain and that time. It was my first time seeing the west as an adult, and my first time on the PCT. This year while hiking I was happy to see that for what seemed like an entire week we are routed within sight of Shasta. The trail nearly circles it off to the west offering views from all sides. I still say that Shasta is my favorite, and the PCT has only helped to solidify that.

I hope to return to this area over the winter or spring to see the mountains in a different light, and get to know the communities a bit more. Someday I would love to climb Shasta as it is one of only 12 mountains in the state of California that is over 14,000 feet of elevation. Its prominence makes it feel even larger.

These paintings are larger than what I typically do. I felt the landscapes of the PCT called for something more grand to be done about them. I do plan on painting smaller pieces as well, but those will come later, and depict different scenes. I have had a lot of fun reliving the trail through these the past months since finishing my hike. I hope you enjoy them as well!

9ā€³ x 12ā€³ highly detailed watercolor and ink on 140lb coldpress watercolor paper

There will not be prints made of these paintings, they are original and one of a kind

All pieces come signed and dated

Pacific Crest Trail

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