Mt San Jacinto Sun
Mt San Jacinto Sun

Mt San Jacinto Sun

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Mt San Jacinto Sun

Landscape paintings inspired by my 2022 thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail

In 2018 when I hiked a portion of the PCT, Mt San Jacinto was the most impressive mountain I had ever seen. Rising up from the desert floor you hike high into old growth forests and will likely see snow. It is known as the first big obstacle while thru hiking the PCT, and it definitely lives up to it. The climb itself is beautiful, the town of Idyllwild below is a favorite of many, and while descending the north side you are treated to incredible views of the entire mountain behind you.

Fortunately this time around I hike the mountain happily and safely while in past years I struggled a fair amount more to get up and down it.

These paintings are larger than what I typically do. I felt the landscapes of the PCT called for something more grand to be done about them. I do plan on painting smaller pieces as well, but those will come later, and depict different scenes. I have had a lot of fun reliving the trail through these the past months since finishing my hike. I hope you enjoy them as well!

9″ x 12″ highly detailed watercolor and ink on 140lb coldpress watercolor paper

There will not be prints made of these paintings, they are original and one of a kind

All pieces come signed and dated

Pacific Crest Trail

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