Franconia Ridge (sold)
Franconia Ridge (sold)

Franconia Ridge (sold)


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Telling the story of the places I’ve traveled hiking through art

Franconia Ridge is widely considered the most beautiful place on the Appalachian Trail. The first time I hiked across it heading south on my thru hike I had this grand idea to get the ultimate experience, and catch the entire section during sunset. Why not try and take the most beautiful view to the next level I thought. Approaching the mountain leading up I could see that not only was I missing sunset, but I was heading into the clouds. With nothing but a tiny flashlight to light my way across the ridge, I may have missed the view, but still felt I wound up with a different kind of ultimate experience running through the dark and the cloud on an exposed ridge. The second time I hiked this section I got lucky with weather, as it can be so fickle in the White Mountains, and I finally got that view I first sought out. This painting represents that second experience, basking in the sun, and running across the ridge to its highest point Mt Lafayette.

6″ x 9″ highly detailed watercolor and ink on 140lb coldpress watercolor paper

All pieces come signed and dated

New Hampshire

The process of this painting can be viewed here through this time lapse video:

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