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Telling the story of the places I’ve traveled hiking through art

An iconic footpath following mountainous ridge lines roughly 2,200 miles from Georgia to Maine, known as the Appalachian Trail. The east coast mountains don’t boast the same views as places out west but what is truly unique here is the microcosm of flora and fauna you’ll find. The mushrooms, moss, flowers, and animals around each corner and under every rock is one of the most special aspects of this trail. In this painting I’ve included Mountain Laurel flowers and Orange Mycena mushrooms. Two very common and prominent sights in the Appalachian mountains.

8″ x 5″ watercolor and ink

All pieces come signed and dated

I’ve been looking into local print shops to get high quality copies of my paintings. Though I’ve now found the perfect place I’m selling some of my first tests from other businesses that look awesome, but aren’t that perfection I desire. This is an extremely limited print, at just 1 of 1 for a sale price.

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