This is the gear I’ll be using on the Florida Trail. An 8lb base weight, carrying a full tent and a fishing pole! 1,100 miles from Pensacola Florida down south to the Everglades West of Miami. I’ve done this trail before, so maybe interesting to see this list as quite a lot has changed. I’m more aware of how cold it can get as some of my coldest nights ever camping were on the Florida Trail. I know how wet it is, as a lot of the trail is wetlands, or swampland. I’ve done the roadwalks before, I’ve dealt with the bugs, the rain, the heat, exposure… everything. So here’s the culmination of this knowledge!

I could probably carry a heavier jacket, but my quilt is quite warm so it will be fine. I am also hiking with my girlfriend! So while I carry the tent, she carries the stove and fuel. Similar things like that all around. Her base weight is under 7lbs.

Hiking with her is partly why I’ve added some of these things. I won’t be traveling like a bat out of hell down the trail this time, as in 2016 when I last thru hiked it, I set a speed record while doing so. I wanted this trip to be more about comfort in some ways, and having fun. Hence the addition of a fishing rod, where she has a kindle. Or having a full size tent for two. Or wearing a bright orange beanie so a hunter doesn’t shoot me while alone I may not care as much.

I want to at least for our first thru hike together, slow down a little bit and take things in at a more leisurely pace.

2016 after just finishing the 1,100mi FT in 28 days. Me and my tiny pack.


2020 Florida Trail Gear List

Total base weight of pack (the weight without food, water, fuel or worn clothing)

  •      8 lbs

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