Check out this gear… in video form! Youtube!

Or the gear I used on the Shetowee Trace Trail! Youtube!

Or the gear I used in 2018! Youtube! (Pacific Crest Trail)

Or the gear I used in 2016! Youtube! (4,800mi ECT 6lb gear list)

The gear I will be using on the Pacific Northwest Trail hiking 600 miles across the state of Washington in August. Roughly I’ve used a similar kit for the last 8,000 miles of my hiking life, so I feel comfortable this is all dialed in to what suits me best. Naturally subject to change.


2019 STT Gear List

Total base weight of pack (the weight without food, water, fuel or worn clothing)

  •      6.6 lbs

Worn on my body: Altra Superior 4 Shoes, Sunday Afternoon Adventure Hat, short sleeve button up shirt, running shorts, Walmart nylon socks, LED flashlight necklace, Casio watch, and sunglasses.

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