Eastern Continental Trail

Eastern Continental Trail

Posts specifically pertaining to my 2016 ECT thru hike.

You can now view my journey through this video I’ve compiled with some of my favorite moments! Thank you, and enjoy.


You can find my gear list here: Here or Lighterpack or this gear video I made!

Descending order of when they were written.

Pre Hike:

6 months and 4,800 miles

Stoveless on the trail

Trekking pole conundrum

Maps and guides for the ECT

The final shakedown

Ode to Tarp Camping

100 Days

Mail drops, as if there’s any other way

Food & Resupply

Not-So Private Emails

Human Powered Travel

Trail Journal:

Day 0 – The long road to the start

Day 1 – Cap Gaspé

Day 2 – Walking is hard enough

Day 3 – Leaving Forillon National Park

Day 8 – Zero @ Auberge L’Amarré

Day 4 – Hunting Hikers

Day 5 – It’s not supposed to be easy

Day 6 – Grande Vallée

Day 7 – Feeling lucky

Day 9 – An Easy 16

Day 10 – Life is too short

Day 11 – Moose & Squirrel

Day 12 & 13 – Leaving Gaspesie

Day 14thru26 – The USA Calls

Just 4,000 miles to go!

I get up, and I walk

No need for dreaming

Dungeon After Dungeon, Dragon After Dragon

Review: Pa’lante Packs Simple Backpack

Florida Trail FKT Attempt – Day 1!

Slowly But Surely

Familiar Faces, Familiar Places

Florida Trail FKT Summary

Goodbye my friend, and thank you for everything

Post Hike:

Statistics from the ECT


Start ~


Fin !