Stats from my Eastern Continental Trail thru hike
Stats from my Eastern Continental Trail thru hike

Stats from my Eastern Continental Trail thru hike

Mile 0

This was my first thru hike.

  • Where I started: Cap Gaspe, Quebec
  • Where I ended: Key West, Florida
  • States crossed: 16 American, 2 Canadian
  • Start date: July 1st, 2016
  • Finish date: Jan 21st, 2017
  • Total miles: 4,798.6 on trail, ~4,900 total(walking in and out of towns, off trail)
  • Duration: 205 days, or 6 months 20 days
  • Total footsteps: 10 million
  • Zero (milage) days: 27 (Prior to beginning I had only planned 9)
  • Most zero days in a row: 5 right after finishing the Florida Trail
  • Average daily miles excluding zeros: 27mpd
  • Average daily miles including zeros: 23.4mpd
  • International Appalchian Trail average daily miles: 19mpd
  • Appalachian Trail average daily miles: 24mpd
  • Florida Trail average daily miles: 39mpd
  • Most miles in a single day: 53mi
  • Starting weight: 170lbs
  • Finishing weight: 169lbs
  • Daily caloric intake: ~5,000-6,000 calories
  • Favorite trail food: White chocolate macadamia Luna Bar
  • Average time I would wake up: 6am
  • Average time I would go to bed: 9pm
  • Snakes: Much fewer than you’d expect
  • Bears: 7 fuzzy cute things
  • Moose: 7 mostly friendly mega fauna
  • Favorite animal sightings: Ground hogs, seals, whales, star fish, moose, and porcupine!
  • Number of socks destroyed: ~12 pairs
  • Number of shoes destroyed: 5 pairs Alta Lone Peak 2.5s
  • Blisters: 0
  • Longest food carry: 7 days in Quebec
  • How many mail drops: 29
  • How many town resupplys: Too many to remember
  • Total amount of times I had to get in a car: Only 6 times
  • Longest I spent hiking with anyone else:  2 days
  • Starting base pack weight: 5.7lbs
  • Ending base pack weight: 5.9lbs
  • Favorite piece of gear: Pa’lante Packs Cuben Simple
  • Second favorite piece of gear: Montbell Thermawrap Jacket
  • Third favorite piece of gear: My cheap Casio watch
  • Gear I carried for a long time, but never used: Umbrella
  • Most difficult section: Matane Wildlife Reserve in QC
  • Favorite part of the hike: Gaspesie National Park in Quebec. Actually, all of quebec was awesome.
  • Second favorite part: Maine & the Whites in NH
  • Third favorite part: The Florida Trail! Gulf Islands National Seashore, Eglin East, Bradwell Bay, St. Marks NWR, Aucilla River, Suwannee River, Ocala NF, Big Cypress NP
  • Honorable mentions: Grayson Highlands, Roan Highlands, Mcafee Knobb, Dragons tooth, ATC Headquarters, the Southernmost Point
  • Coolest hostels: Auberge l’Amarre(QC), Shaws Hiker Hostel(ME), The Hiker Hut(ME), Everglades Hostel(FL)
  • Total amount of miles walking roads: ~650mi
  • Total amount of dogs that chased me: 30 thousand
  • Total amount of dried beans I ate for dinner: 20lbs
  • Total amount of fun? I’d do it again
Mile 4,800

Let the walking continue.



  1. JeanMarie

    Hi Jupiter!

    Since you’re a Floridian I was hoping you might have some advice: would it be a really bad idea to pick up my ECT hike where I left off at Flagg Mountain and head south now-ish (aka early March)? Is hiking in Florida in April and May a really bad idea or actually doable? Thanks so so much for your help and congratulations on your huge huge accomplishment.

    -Pooter Scooter

    1. Hey, I answered this elsewhere but in case you didn’t see there I’ll answer again. Yes, this would not be the most fun, however it could be! April and may are very hot, and the beginning of the rainy season. So white clothes, short shorts, a sun umbrella, and an extremely extremely light weight sleeping bag, good tent would all help immensely. You can, as I have done long trips in florida summers, and I enjoyed them a lot. Though I don’t think everyone would. Be safe, and as always laugh at what you get yourself into, rather than cry or pout.

  2. I found your videos two weeks ago and found your blog today – obviously this isn’t as lucrative but I love your writing and perspective a lot more than I like youtube in general

    I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed your time in Canada, we’ll always have you back – we’re not great for super long trails but we have some great 300-ish mile ones for you to get your feet wet with.

    Thanks for all your writing and content

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