Day 9 – An Easy 16
Day 9 – An Easy 16

Day 9 – An Easy 16

Leaving my new friends at L’Amarré was hard but it must be done! I have miles to make, and a trail to hike.

I was told the next mountain I woukd be hiking was going to be very beautiful and they sure weren’t kidding. One big climb up and over into the next town. Amazing views off the top and a really cool trail going down the side. Totally exposed with panoramic views of the valley, town, and ocean below.

On the top there were a couple strange platforms of wood built. Flat, right on the side of the clif, and leading to certain death. It didn’t dawn on me at first but while making my way down I realized those are for hang gliding! This town offers hang gliding services, and I’ve been told they have a sister company…. down in Florida!

I had accidentally walked away with the hotels room key, and was very fortunate to find someone in town I recognized to bring it back. For a little while I was considering how I could package and send it back via the postal service. Oops! Sorry guys, but I’m very happy I was able to return it.

I grabbed a quick soda from the grocery, and made my way down the trail. Immediately I was following a river through the valley and it was so very peaceful. Sharing the trail with mountain bikers for this small section I was happy to find the trail was extremely well groomed.

I leave the valley and start climbing up what is in the winter likely a snowmobile path. Up and up for maybe an hour and a half without stopping. The trail slims down from a road into a double wide track. For the next 20k the trail is like this, without much climbing, or descending. Occasional views of my surrounding I’m now on the top of the mountains.

On my way to Gaspesie National Park! Something good is a brewing, I’m not going down anymore. Just ever so slightly climbing. Seems as though I’ll stay at this elevation until I’m in park grounds. The next few days I’ll be going over some of the biggest, if not the biggest mountains in Quebec!

Then after that into Matane Wilderness Area for some more carnage. The National Parks spoil me.

Actually looking forward to seeing some people out hiking. The solitude is nice, but so is companionship!

I’m camped at a refuge up in the mountains. The guidebook says I’m supposed to have views of the valley, maybe that was true years ago, now where my view would be is obscured by trees that have grown big and strong.

One more day until I get my resupply box, the only one I sent to Canada. It has my tent stakes, bug spray, water purification, and other things among food for the next stretch. 6 days worth if I remember. One of the most remote sections out here is coming.

I have the woodstove burning in the refuge in hopes it will quiet the rodent living in the walls. Maybe he’s cold too?

In other news I’ve been filming a whole ton of video, and it’s been coming out great! I don’t know what yet I’ll do with it because I don’t exactly have the time to edit, or upload from the trail, but know eventually there will be pretty videos of what’s I’ve been going through out here. One day…. I’ll continue to film. We shall see.





  1. Mike Wright

    James it’s been great to follow along on your trip. It brings back a lot of memories of my own. Looking forward to every post. Keep up the good work we’re all pulling for you!

    Mike W.

    1. Thank you so much Mike! Lots more to come. I’m almost out of Quebec now and getting closer to American soil…. home. Haven’t had service so posts are behind. Great to hear from you!! Hope all is well. Thanks for everything, I’ll see ya when I’m back in Florida! Ps those fish aren’t going to catch themselves!!! Hope you’re getting out there

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