I figured there would come a time when the trail got more difficult. Thus far it’s been extremely well maintained, easy to follow, signs everywhere. Today that seems to have ended.

Leaving Forillon National Park was a defining moment. At least for now. The trail could continue to get more difficult. That would be fine, and I would manage. After all I’ve only been walking for a few days now. Given a few weeks and I’ll have some real legs.

My day started with some of the best walking I had ever done. Gradual climbs, wild flowers everywhere, a frickin beaver sighting. I mean, it was great! Vista, after vista, after vista. All to enjoy, all to myself.

No pain, just forward motion. Perfection.

Leaving Forillon, I crossed a road, and followed an ATV track for a kilometer or so. Eventually bombarded with a bunch of small signs pointing me back into the woods. Immediately it was clear why they needed more than one. The trail was very different suddenly! No longer was it maintained, now there were jurassic like ferns in my path, and an entirely new environment. Little streams flowed down the mountain, and I slowly climbed up. Through what is now thick underbrush.

The markings were sparce so I looked for the path of least resistance, and followed, briefly halted by a blow down or two. Wondering when the last time anyone was up here. Likely a very long time.

Somewhere in there I did actually lose the trail, and wound up wasting an hour on what was the old trail, taking me right back to where I was. Full circle. Oh well! Life goes on.

Today is special because I’m heading to a refuge, which is much like the wooden shelters on the Appalachian Trail, yet so much more awesome. 4 walls, roof, wood stove, bunks, windows. Everything! I would be happy to live in these things, and they’re scattered up and down the Quebec portion of the IAT.

A trail register too, apparently! Among all the French who have been here I look for names I recognize. My good friend Sycamore, and also someone else I’ll have to look into later. Chizzlin Cheswick. An ECT thru hiker who at this point, only had a couple days left until he finished.

Judging from the very few people to sign the journal, assumptions are correct. Not many people come out here at all.

Things I’m excited for:
*My first resupply box(which has my tent stakes, lighter, water purification, and other things in it…)
*Trail legs.
*The Appalachian Trail.