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Telling the story of the places I’ve traveled hiking through art

The Lake of the Clouds Hut just south of Mt Washington on the Appalachian Trail. Hiking through this area on my 4,800 mile Eastern Continental Trail thru hike I was amazed at these small Appalachian Mountain Club huts being in such high places. Requiring all supplies and food to be either packed up to them by hand, or helicoptered in. This one in particular was quite special as it reminds me of the joy I felt running on that exposed ridge above everything.

24″ x 18″ highly detailed watercolor and ink painting

All pieces come signed and dated

New Hampshire

The process of this painting can be viewed here through this time lapse video: https://youtu.be/dpi8IrI3DOo

I’ve been looking into local print shops to get high quality copies of my paintings. Though I’ve now found the perfect place I’m selling some of my first tests from other businesses that look awesome, but aren’t that perfection I desire. This is an extremely limited print, at just 1 of 1 for a sale price.

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