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This is what I’m carrying on a 5,300 mile hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. Doing it twice, from Mexico to Canada then all the way back to Mexico, in less than 200 days. Known as a yoyo, as the direction of the hike mimics the motion of the toy.

  • I’m starting at the Mexican boarder in California May 10 heading north, and will probably finish the desert section and hit the Sierras by June, arriving in Oregon by July, then reaching Canada to finish the first very long leg of the trip early August. Here I will turn around to start the second leg south.
  • Heading south I’d like to reach California again by September, be done with the Sierras by early October, which is the most pivotal point in this entire journey as an early snow storm could come and crush my dreams of finishing safely. At this point if I am successful it is a brisk 700 mile victory lap to the finish at the Mexican border where it all began 6 months prior.

Some 5,300 miles up, and back down the west coast.



PCT yoyo watercolor depiction

This is the time line I’ve laid out for myself. It is extremely important for completing the journey. To start before extreme heat truly hits the southern section, but not get to the Sierras so early at this accelerated pace where the snow hasn’t melted yet. To reach Canada in time to turn around early enough so that my return trip can be successful, and this time hitting the Sierras before the first major snow of the year prevents my passage, or makes it much harder.

I will be traveling extremely light with just a 5lb base pack weight, allowing me to hike all day comfortably, free of injury, and as efficiently as possible. Everything I am carrying has been very well thought out, with the advice from many former thru hikers, historical weather data taken into account from the last 20 years, and my own experience carrying a very similar kit on my 2016 thru hike of the 4,800 mile Eastern Continental Trail.

I don’t recommend you follow in my footsteps, or make the exact same choices in your gear as I have. Though I do stand by all of it, you must get out, use what you own, and change things as you go with the experience you’re gaining. The stuff I use is very specific to how I like to do things. I suggest you find how you like to do things, as this is by no means a blue print. I have a lot of experience using this kit, and that experience allows me to go so light while still maintaining a comfortable level of safety. Little nuances, skills, and things I do and look for throughout the day influence how I interact with each and every piece, and keeps me from dying.

2018 PCT Yoyo Gear List

  •      14oz – Backpack – Pa’lante V2
  •      17oz – QuiltMountain Laurel Designs FKT synthetic quilt XL
  •      1oz – Sleeping PadGossamerGear Thinlight 1/8″ // Torso length
  •      4.5oz – Tarp – MYOG Ray Jardine style tarp // Tiny dimensions
  •      1.2oz – Guylines – six 2′, and two 7′ lines // Could be thinner and lighter
  •      1.2oz – Groundcloth – Polycro // Cut to size
  •      0.8oz – Stakes – (8) Zpacks Carbon Fiber
  •      1.8oz – Water Bottles – (2) Zephyrhills 1.5L
  •      1oz – Food Bowl – Peanut butter plastic screw top container
  •      1.2oz – Food bag20 x 12.5 OPsak
  •      0.3oz – SpoonPlastic // Cut down
  •      1.6oz – Socks – Walmart // Nylon
  •      1oz – Hat – Zpacks synthetic micro-fleece beanie
  •      5.9oz – Rain JacketFrogg Toggs Ultra lite L
  •      1.9oz – Wind Pants – Montbell Tachyon
  •      9.5oz – Jacket – Zpacks synthetic w/ hood
  •      0.7oz – Glove LinersMontbell Zeo-Line
  •      0.8oz – FlashlightNitecore Thumb
  •      4.5oz – Cell PhoneSony Xperia X Compact // 32gb, 23mp camera, 128gb sd card
  •      7.1oz – External BatteryTqka 10,000mAh Qualcomm Quick Charge
  •      0.8oz – USB Cords – 2′ / 10″
  •      3.5oz – Wall ChargerQualcomm dual port charger
  •      0.4oz – Headphones – Earbuds // Cheap
  •      0.2oz – Toothpaste – Travel Sized
  •      2g – Toothbrush – Bamboo // Cut down
  •      1.8oz – Yoyo – Impress the ladies w/ cool tricks
  •      0.3oz – ID, Money, & Credit Card – // In a ziploc

Total base weight of pack (the weight without food, water, fuel or worn clothing)

  •      5 lbs

Worn on my body: New Balance MT10v4 shoes, Sunday Afternoon Adventure Hat, short sleeve button up shirt, running shorts, Walmart nylon socks, LED flashlight necklace, Casio watch, and sunglasses.


Pushing the limit in a lot of ways this year, going further, faster, harder, and carrying less gear.



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