Hi I’m Jupiter!

I’m starting a new series here on my website and also youtube about how to thru hike! It’s mostly focused on the videos on youtube but I know some people really prefer to read things instead of watch or listen, so felt I should have it in both places.

The first installment comes out tomorrow

So in the near future, check back here for more, or subscribe to my channel on youtube!


This will be the lessons and basics I’ve learned over 10,000 miles of hiking long trails around the united states to hopefully help others who also want to come out and thru hike a trail themselves

We won’t cover any one trail in specific but instead the knowledge you might need to get out just about anywhere, and certainly all of the basics! This will be an overview

We’ll cover topics like

  • which trail should you do
  • how to prepare
  • tips to lighten your backpack
  • shelters
  • electronics
  • cooking
  • clothing
  • luxury Items
  • how to stay dry
  • footware & footcare
  • how to train
  • leave no trace
  • how to resupply
  • financing a thru hike
  • pacing yourself & avoiding injury
  • things to do before you go

Some added bonuses might pop up in there as well as I may remove something if it happens to get covered inadvertently in a different episode.

I really look forward to doing this! I just want to create something useful for the community that has given me so much joy over the years

I personally have had many successful thru hikes, and I’ve also failed a couple for reasons that I think could help in advising others not to do that themselves

So I’ll see you next soon!