Skipping ahead a few days to give a shout out. L’Amarré, is a beautiful hotel in Mont Louis. To all hikers on the SIA, IAT, ECT, GRwhatever, Hwy 132…. this is the place to stay. Auberge L’Amarré.

I am taking a day off from the trail and have received so much love, hospitality, friendship, everything, at this small hotel. If you’re passing through the area or are in Quebec and traveling the coast and want a place to stay that is full of wonderful people who will treat you as one of their own, this is it. I could not recommend this place enough. They just opened, and if I weren’t in a position of needing to hike on I would certainly be staying longer.

Tell them James from Florida the SIA hiker sent you, and ask if they remember me from July of 2016. They’re worth your time, and the hotel is just in the most beautiful place overlooking the ocean, with the mountains behind you. There is no better place you can be. There is no better place I could have wound up staying at.

There’s a fine restaurant 2 doors down, you’re within walking distance to another, a convenience store, and a grocery store. The building is bright pink, you can’t miss it. Right in the middle of town, directly on the trail, and the main highway 132.

I came here after a very long 44 mile day and was instantly met with kindness.

Did I mention they have a restaurant down stairs? That they cook AMAZING food? They do!


– James